Monday, September 19, 2016

9/20 Digital Foot Print Part 2 Now: Search for the definition for the Word of the Day and capture it in citelighter, then paraphrase it in your own words. of the Day: Digital Footprint

Part 1

1. What is your footprint?

A. Visit this introduction to a Digital Footprint from TeacherTube and then the Common Sense Media video  about the impact of Digital Footprints.

B. Read the following 11 tips for students to manage their own footprint. 

C. Click this link to participate in a Digital Footprint Survey  and
it will open in a new window which you can close and return here. 

Click here for the survey results. 

Part 2

D. Next download this Digital Footprint Document.

  • Make a list of sites you visit a lot.
  • Copy and paste or drag and drop images from your social networking sites (Twitter, FaceBook), gaming sites, shopping sites, learning sites.
  • Organize your icons on the foot image, you may want to put the sites you visit most in the toes or make them larger.
  • Take a Screen Shot (Command-Shift-4) of your Footprint.  Post on your Blog.
Question of the Day:  Write a 50 or more words on the same post as your digital footprint.

Now that you have learned about some Top Tips, think about the tips that impact your own activity online.  Create a list of 3 safety tips on your Blog that stuck in your mind. Make your own Title.

Daily Objectives:  Students will read, discuss and analyze information from articles, analyze, and think critically about online context, using written (Blog post), graphic, pictorial, or multi-media methods, with a student performance at the basic level or above and 6 out of 12 on the project rubric.

Do Now: Search for the definition for the Word of the Day and capture it in citelighter, then paraphrase it in your own words.  
Word of the Day: Distract, Multitask

Texting and Walking Illegal in New Jersey
Texting and Walking Accidents 
Texting and Walking Parody

Multitasking with a cell phone not only can put their safety at risk, as the commercial showed, but it also can annoy people around them. Cell phones can distract people from other important tasks.
Question of the Day:

Part 2   Write a least 100 words
  • Do you think the NJ Bill should become a law?
  • Write a letter to your State representative urging them to vote for or against the Bill?
  • Compliment on 2 or more Blog Posts.

Daily Objectives:
Students will..
  • learn that cell phones are powerful, convenient tools for communication
  • identify situations in which using cell phones can be rude or distracting 
  • reflect on the benefits of focusing on one task at a time

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