Wednesday, September 16, 2015

9/17 Citelighter Now: Search for the definition for the Word of the Day and capture it in citelighter, then paraphrase it in your own words. of the Day: Citation

 Citelighter Video Tutorial
Question of the Day:
Add the citelighter toolbar to Firefox.  What are 3 things can you use citelighter for?
Sign up for Citelighter. 
Click: I don't have a School Code
I don't have a School Code

Search for the definition of "Citation".  Highlight and save in your Citelighter account.

Daily Objectives:  Students will read, discuss and analyze information from articles, analyze, and think critically about online context, using written (Blog post), graphic, pictorial, or multi-media methods, with a student performance at the basic level or above and 6 out of 12 on the project rubric

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