Thursday, May 26, 2011

5/26 Computer Network / Order of Precedence

Post a response to the Question of the Day in 5 minutes or less, using complete sentences, use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

ICT Essentials 1  My Technology Evaluation
Question of the Day:  Read: Computer Games, Cell Phones Put Children at Risk of Joint Pain
Children who play computer games and use cell phoainnes for long periods are at risk of serious wrist and finger pains, according to US experts. Health ... 
Cellphones Boost Health Across Globe
Still think cellphones are bad for your health? In the poorest regions of the world they have the potential of saving millions of lives, a fact that far ...
Do you think using cell phones too much is bad for our physical or mental health? Why?

Daily Objectives:

Produce a multimedia project using text, graphics, moving images, and sound.Combine different software and tools to create multimedia projects.Choose the appropriate tools or software.Identify and use new and emerging tools, technologies and software.Analyze the affects of technology on society, education, daily life.

Word of the Day: Computer Network is two or more computers connected so that they can communicate with each other and share information, software, peripheral devices, and/or processing power.

Question of the Day: What role do you think games play in learning?  How does age influence the role games play in learning?

Daily Objectives: 
Describe and use Sequential Processing in a computer program.Describe and use Conditional Programming Logic in a computer program.Describe Use of Variables in a computer program.Describe and use Iterative Processing in a computer program.Describe and use Boolean Logic in a computer program.

Word of the Day:  Order of Precedence. The set of rules that is followed when evaluating a numeric expression.

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