Friday, November 25, 2016

11/30 Scratch Tutorials

      1. Go to Scratch Login
      2. Go to Create
      3. Click on the question mark under the "see project page" in the upper right.
        Complete the "Step-by-Step" tutorials.
      4. Share your projects - Copy the link - Paste it in your assignment

      Additional Scratch Tutorials
      Scratch Lesson 1: Introducing Scratch and Creating Sprite

      Scratch Lesson 2: Animating a Sprite (Dance)

      Scratch Lesson 3: Adding Sounds (Dance to the Beat)
      Scratch Lesson 4: Create a Music Sprite
      Scratch Lesson 5: Work with the Stage 
      Lesson 6: Create a Scratch Song 
      Scratch Lesson 7: Understanding the Pong Game
      Lesson 7: Create a Scratch Cartoon Animation         
      SCRATCH Lesson 8: Create a Cartoon Animation Part I
      SCRATCH Lesson 9: From Stories to Animations Part II

      Animate Your Name
      Create a Pong Game
      Design a Holiday Card
      Scratch Pen Challenge
      Problem III. Changing the Looks of a Sprite
      Problem II. Moving to Specific Locations
      Scratch Coordinates
      Draw your first sprite.

      Cartoon Animation
      How to Draw Comics the Marvel

      Keyhole Ken
      How to Draw Cartoons
      Cartoon Animation

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