Thursday, February 10, 2011

2/10 Cyber safety / Client

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ICT Essentials 1
Question of the Day: Why do you think you should engage in the highly collaborative and interactive Web 2.0 in a safe and responsible manner?
Daily Objectives: 
What are the expectations for ICT Esssentials?What are your responsibilities?How will expectations and responsibility help you to succeed?What skills and topics will you be using in ICT Essentials?
Word of the Day:  Cyber safety - refers to the safe use of the Internet and ICT equipment/devices, including mobile phones.
Question of the Day: How can the internet help you to learn? What do you do to take advantage of this?
Daily Objectives: 
Identify Computer network hardware.Describe the way the hardware components of a computer network operate.Design, plan, and research a computer network.Describe how wireless networks operate.Identify pros and cons of wireless networks.

Word of the Day: Client - any computer or computing device that is hooked up to a computer network.

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