Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Trends Slideshow and iPhoto test click here.
Create a Story Board using photographs to tell a story.

Question: How could you use ComicLife to make a project in one of your classes? Share at least two project ideas and the class you would use it for.

HTML Formatting Tags test click here.
OBJECTIVE: Complete 6. HTML Formatting

Question: Have you ever seen a Web page and wondered "Hey! How did they do that?"
To find out, click the VIEW option in your browser's toolbar and select SOURCE or PAGE SOURCE. This will open a window that shows you the HTML code of the page.Go to a web page and view the HTML code. Compare the code to the page. What can you identify? What can yo not identify? Please be specific.

C++ Spelling and vocabulary test click here.
OBJECTIVE: Complete the assignments 1-12. Complete:Scatch Project 3

Question: What is you favorite game to play? How would you make this game better? How could you do this in Scratch?

Homework: Please share your safe Halloween tips, Stories and Photographs on My Campus.

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