Monday, June 13, 2016

Final Exam

Part 1
Select your best KidBlog posts from class this year. This will be a portfolio you can use to show what you know.
  1. Select at least 10 KidBlog Posts. 
  2. Check the posts for proper spelling, grammar, punctuation.
  3. Read each post and rewrite them if necessary.
  4. Publish your post as Public.
Part 2

Write a new post of at least 100 words describing what you learned in this class and how you use and will use what you learned.

What Was Your Biggest Failure/Challenge In This Class And What Did You Learn From It? 

  • When you respond to the question, quickly establish the situation with a few sentences and then briefly explain what took place and why it happened.
  • Focus on what you learned about yourself. Emphasize how you would do things differently in a similar future situation. Accept responsibility for your shortcomings in the situation. Be honest about the outcome. 
  • This anecdote might not have a happy ending, but try to end on a positive note by demonstrating what you learned.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • It is possible to dance around this question and avoid an answer, but you shouldn’t. Everyone fails and the hiring manager needs to know how you react in those situations.
  • Do not make up an event or use an anecdote that didn’t happen to you. Do not choose a failure that was due to a personal mistake or character flaw. Avoid not answering the question with a response like, “I can’t think of any serious failures.” Do not solely blame others for the failure. Just because you were asked about failure doesn’t mean your answer should be negative. 
A post will only count that is clearly written without any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.
  1. 9-10 Previous Posts and New Post
  2. 7-8 Previous Posts and New Post - 9-10 Previous Posts and No New Post
  3. 6 Previous Posts and New Post - 7-8 Previous Posts and No New Post
  4. 5 Previous Posts

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