Monday, July 20, 2015

7/21 Cyber Safety Protect Your Identity

Introduction this Quest you will test out your Cyber Shield.  This is the first time you get a chance to make sure you will be able to open the Cyber Safe.


1. Play the The Case of the Cyber Criminal (Game) .

2. Take the interactive Media Smarts "How cyber-savvy are you? " challenge. Click on the
Start Cyber Security Quiz link that looks like this image.  Discuss and review your answers.

3. List at least five online tips to help you stay cyber safe. 

4. View Reponses

5. Click on ID Theft Faceoff Game to get started.

6. Play the game until you answer all the questions correctly, thus saving the characters' identity, take a screenshot and paste it into a Cybersafety document or your web presence.

7. Another way to protect yourself from identify theft, scams and rip-offs is to report your complaint to the Internet Crime Complaint Center or the Federal Trade Commission.

We hope this has helped you be more aware of ways to protect yourself from  scams, hoaxes, and cyber-thieves.


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