Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2/28 Julie's Journey

Post a response to the Question of the Day in your own words using complete sentences, use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.
Search for the definition for the Word of the Day and define it in your own words.

Watch "Julies Journey" on the big Screen.

Question of the Day: Do you think that this is a typical way that an online romance happens?  Did you think that this story might have a different ending?

This is what Julie thought would happen. 
This is what really happened!  What do you think of Tom now? 
Write you reaction on your Blog.

Daily Objectives:  
Grooming Facts and Tips
  1. Comment on 2 or more of your classmates blog post.   Student Blogs are listed at: Student Blogs.
  2. Cyber Safety
Word of the Day: Fantasy - Write your definition

Question of the Day: 
Why do you think you would use a comment when writing your HTML code?

Daily Objectives: 
Word of the Day: Comment - Write your definition

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