Monday, February 27, 2012

2/27 Cyber Bullying *

Post a response to the Question of the Day in your own words using complete sentences, use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.
Search for the definition for the Word of the Day and define it in your own words.

 Watch the video: 
Cyber Bullying on the Big Screen or get it in the B118-Server.
Take the Cyber Bullying quiz in Engrade.

 How Should Schools Address Bullying?  By SHANNON DOYNE
Write 3 full paragraphs. (Write a paragraphs for at least 3 of the questions.  This will make a 3 paragraph essay.)

Question of the Day:  Tell us your ideas about preventing bullying — and dealing with it when it does occur. Do you think laws like the one in New Jersey will help reduce instances of bullying? What do you think teachers and schools can do to improve school culture and reduce bullying? What approaches do you think can be effective? Do you see this problem getting better, worse or staying about the same in your school or community?

Daily Objectives:  
  1. Comment on 2 or more of your classmates blog post.   Student Blogs are listed at: Student Blogs.
  2. Cyber Safety
Word of the Day: Impersonate - Write your own definition.

Watch the "Simple Webpage Video" on the big screen or in the  B118 server.

Question of the Day:
Write a short paragraph about this class that you will include in your project.

Daily Objectives: 
Word of the Day: HTML Tags - Write your own definition.

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