Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Final Exam

Today you will take the Final Exam.  
Click on the Final tab for your class above for further directions.

HTML Final
ICT Final
  • There are three parts to the Exam.
  • Please take your time.  
  • Make sure that you read the directions carefully and do exactly what they say.
  • You only get one chance.
Part 1 - Engrade will have multiple choice questions.   25%

Part 2 will be a three paragraph blog post. 35%
Use the Rubric below to guide your writing.

Content and Organization
• Communicates intended message to intended audience
• Relates to topic
• Opening and closing
• Focused
• Logical progression of ideas
• Transitions
• Appropriate details and information
• Tense formation
• Subject-verb agreement
• Pronouns usage/agreement
• Word choice/meaning
• Proper modifiers
Sentence Construction
• Variety of type, structure, and length
• Correct construction
• Spelling
• Capitalization
• Punctuation

Part 3 is a performance test.   40%

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