Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Create a Story Board using photographs to tell a story.

Question: How is a slideshow like a Movie? How is it different from a movie?

OBJECTIVE: Read: 6. HTML Formatting
  • Copy and paste the questions from: 6. HTML Formatting
  • Type the answers in a different color.
  • Then, Click on the link.
  • Read the text to answer the questions.

Question: What do you think in the advantage of working in multiple windows? Explain your answer?

OBJECTIVE: Complete the assignments 1-12. Complete:Scratch Project 2

View the Videos at Viereck in the Doc or at learnscratch.0rg.
You will only have one period to complete each assignment.
Open up Scratch and Practice what you saw in the video.
Take a screen shot (command-shift-4).
Attach a file: on a page on My sites called Scratch: Getting Started

Question: How can you benefit from sharing your Scratch project on the MIT site? .

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