Friday, August 26, 2011


Parents and Students:

Welcome to another exciting school year!  My name is Mr. Viereck and I will be the teacher for ICT Essentials and HTML.

The 21st century requires students to develop and use new skills. I use a Hybrid method of teaching. Hybrid courses pair the best features of face-to-face teaching with the best options in online learning to promote active and independent learning. Many assignments can be done at home with a computer and Internet access. Although a computer at would greatly enhance the learning experience, it is not necessary.

ICT Essentials and HTML will facilitate the cross-discipline application of academic knowledge, creativity, design, and innovation skills with the integration of the Internet and digital media into the study of cutting-edge topics in science and technology. This course will feature problem-based learning and comprehensive projects as the primary instructional methodology for all students.

Students should sign up for a Google/Gmail account before school starts.  (Be sure to write writes down the Username and Password).  We will use many of Google’s online tools, including Documents, Gmail, Sites and Blogger.  More information about this course is available at the class website: If you have any questions or comments feel free to call me at 973 266-7334 or e-mail at
Parents, should sign up for a Parent & Student Engrade account at: The account is free and your information will be kept private. An Engrade account will give you access to child’s grades and attendance.  Engrade’s messaging feature is a great way for us to communicate.

ICT Essentials