Thursday, May 19, 2011

5/19 & 20 Lettering / IDE

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ICT Essentials 1   My Technology EvaluationComic Life Quiz Review - Quiz Tuesday.
AwesomeQuestion of the Day: How can lettering be used to create titles and sound effects?  Create a sound effect, titles or buttons using add it to your blog. You can add them to your projects.

HOTImage by Cool Text: Free Logos and Buttons - Create An Image Just Like This

Daily Objectives: 
Produce a multimedia project using text, graphics, moving images, and sound.Combine different software and tools to create multimedia projects.Choose the appropriate tools or software.Identify and use new and emerging tools, technologies and software.Analyze the affects of technology on society, education, daily life.

Word of the Day: Lettering in Comic Life covers two compositional elements: Titles and Sound Effects. Comic titles frequently involve warped lettering (for example the Superman logo) or interesting fills, outlining and shadows. Comic sound effects (for example "POW", "ZAP", "BOING", etc) are always warped and filled with color. Lettering elements let you accomplish both with ease.
Question of the Day: Answer the Questions for your video game.

1. Where does the game take place? 2.Who is the main player character? What will the sprite look like? 3. What is the story in your game? What problem is getting solved or goal is being met by the player?

Daily Objectives: 
Describe and use Sequential Processing in a computer program.Describe and use Conditional Programming Logic in a computer program.Describe Use of Variables in a computer program.Describe and use Iterative Processing in a computer program.Describe and use Boolean Logic in a computer program.

Word of the Day: IDE (Integrated Development Environment). A graphical application development environment designed to facilitate program development.

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