Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Test Answers

Trends Answers

1. Dajuan took a photo in Photo Booth before he can use it in his slide show he must:
Flip it Vertical
2. Brett brought in a copy of his first grade photo before he can put it in his slide show he has to:
Scan it
3. Kamisha wants to needs a photo for her slideshow from the Internet so she performs a:
Image Search
4. Chevena wants to use a photo from My Space in her slideshow so from her home computer she:
Transfers it to My Campus
5. Anika has several photos on her desktop. To get these photos in iPhoto she:
Drags Them
6. Nyasia want to use only part of her photo so in iPhoto she:
Crops it
7. Akeem want to share his iPhoto slide show so he:
Exports it
8. Nicole want to put her slideshow on My Campus. On My Campus she click on:
Add Video
9. Parrish has photos on his blog. To make a slide show of these photos he goes to:
10. Terrell wants to add a slide show to his Blog. He must copy the:
Embedded code
11. Jasmine want to change the way her photographs appear so she changes the:
12. Carlee wants all his photos to be stationary. So he shuts off the:
Ken Burns Effect

HTML Answers

C++ Answers

  1. Script - The place where you put the programming blocks
  2. Red Stop Sign - The button that usually stops a project
  3. Sprite - A character that you can program and edit
  4. Block - A puzzle piece that you fit together to command your project
  5. Speech bubble - Used to make your sprite speak
  6. X Y - The coordinates on the stage where you want the sprite to move to
  7. Category - The different tabs that contain the blocks
  8. Loop - Used to repeat a script
  9. Stamp - Used to duplicate
  10. Costume - Used to animate a sprite
  11. Green flag - The button that usually starts a project
  12. Stage - The background of your project

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